Documents needed to proceed a loan

General information needed:

1. Total dollar amount borrower looking to acquire.

2. Reason for loan .,long term or short term loan? .

Company Information Needed:

1. Complete sets of Corporation Tax returns for past three(3)years.

2. Three (3) years and current months of Profit & Loss Statements.

3. Copy of the Business Licenses.

4. Name of the Business Owner and complete address, website, contact information of the company.

Borrower Information:

1. Name and Title (Ceo; President, Trustee., etc.)

2. First 4 pages of Tax Returns for past three(3)years,and current months report.

3. Personal  Tax Return and Balance Sheets (if applicable) for two years.

4. Available amount of Down Payment.

When you are ready, please contact us for which department to send your package to.

Ps. We also provide loan for “ Start Up”, It all vary,

If you have any question regarding this email, please contact us direct.

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