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Reduce your Business's Credit / Debit cards Processing cost

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Dear Business Owners.

Let's us reduce your Business's Credit / Debit cards Processing cost

We are representing  a Team of Private Institutions., such as Prime Banks or Major Insurance Companies  ( hereafter refers it as: "TPI", some of the Team Members has been in this industry for few decades. They provides worldwide credit & debit card processing, all of our payment solutions run on major networks, providing superior network connectivity, reliability and redundancy.  Our services include: credit card authorization; clearing and settlement for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB and fleet cards; nationwide debit and EBT card processing; electronic check conversion, guarantee, verification and recovery, as well as gift and loyalty card programs. We also offer flexible connectivity including Dial, IP, VPN, Frame Relay and Wireless solutions.

Through a collaborative arrangement with its Clients, TPI develops a full understanding of the main drivers of card processing fees and widespread processing "profit leaks" faced by many industries.

After implementing the analysis and recommendations and making operational changes we are able to provide significant efficiencies which results in major costs savings for the Client

TPI is comprised of a dynamic management team having tremendous expertise and long-term successful track records in the credit card acceptance arena. TPI has joint effort with Technology Partner Companies to garner pricing economies of scale and compete at a lowest cost threshold against major financial institutions and non-bank providers currently in the Credit Card Acceptance Business. The fact that the industry has become a commodity business (where price is a key success factor) was a driving force that led TPI to compete as a low cost provider of merchant services for marquee merchant businesses with its complete transparency model.

TPI brings an impressive array of efficiency and cost reduction focused technology solutions, in order to maximize client cost savings in their Bank Card Processing. The key strength of TPI's platform is its ability to adapt to a multitude of processing requirements and its ability to be configurable down to the individual account level.

You do not have to cancel your current merchant processing account, it would be beneficial for you to operate your current merchant processing account along with a separate merchant processing account provided by TPI / Specialized.

This will give you the  opportunity to evaluate our service and savings, compared to those of  our competitor, which we are positive once you recognize the value we provide you most satisfied.

To get started please provide us the following:

1- Please send us three ( 3) months- Six ( 6 ) months summaries on your company credit card processing report. TPI team will analyze and reply you a report, that will spells out how much we may lower your company credit cards processing cost?

2- Upon your approval on the pre-advised rate and terms from TPI, we will arrange meeting and proceed the process.

You are welcome to try our services without any long term commitment. We do hope our Team will service you at our best to keep you.

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Disclaimer: Some terms and condition of each Business may be vary.

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